Did you notice the day that Goodreads crashed? I did. It changed my day. It’s amazing how consuming social media can be. The conversations on Goodreads in The Source and Fringe Fiction are so engaging, informative, supportive and thought-provoking, I never feel as if I’m wasting my time—and yet, I’ve only got but so much of it. I’m grateful for the crash. If Goodreads vanished forever, I’d miss it greatly, but its temporary absence was liberating. I went out for my run earlier, and spent extra time doing a little clean-up of the park and enjoying the beauty of the place as I did it. Then I read two chapters of a novella I’m beta-reading for another author, and worked on blog posts and a short story.


When I think of how much time I spend conversing with all my groups on Goodreads, I can’t imagine how some people can handle doing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google Plus, and having an active presence on all those spaces. My Facebook personal page is an anoxic dead zone, and my author page is on life support from this blog. I’ve been tempted to tweet, “Twitter quitter tweets defeat,” but I do occasionally use my Twitter account. It is being fed by my posts—mostly book reviews—on Booklikes.

Since my social media presence is entirely dependent on books, the only way I have anything to say is if I get off line and read.

Even before Goodreads went down—on a Friday—I’d been taking a Sabbath from all online activity on Sundays, not for religious reasons, but for my mental and creative health. I don’t even read e-mail. It opens up space in my day, and in my mind. The world beyond the screen is continuous, fluid, responsive, and alive and it makes me more so, too.



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One thought on “Withdrawal”

  1. I tend to spend Sundays away from the computer, too. I’m not as strict about it as you are, but I really try to make it a day to relax and feel I don’t have to engage. I remember your mentioning those groups a while back, and I do want to look into them, but you’re right that it’s also time away from other things. And my Inbox is always overflowing because I belong to listserves. I’ve learned to just accept that and not worry about it.

    I’m very behind in reading my favorite blogs, too! I see I’ve missed some interesting posts here!



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