A Free Mae Martin Short Story


Writers know more about their characters than they can ever put in one book. In order to understand them we create their childhoods and the places they grew up, like an actor preparing for a role. I was looking for a short story idea and my critique group partners both independently suggested I write about Mae Martin’s childhood, and her grandmother. The series starts when her grandmother is deceased, and Mae has left the mountains of western North Carolina, but both are major influences in her life and helped shape her spirit. As soon as I read that suggestion for the story, the setting came alive for me, and so did the character of Rhoda-Sue Outlaw Jackson. It was fun to give readers a chance to meet her and to see where Mae grew up in the years before the events in The Calling. The short story isn’t a mystery, not even in the unconventional and murder-less genre of the series, but it’s along the same lines of paranormal realism. It introduces Mae at age ten, as seen through the eyes of her grandmother.

The Outlaw Women can be downloaded free, a gift to my readers while you wait for the next full length book, which comes out in November. Blog followers who don’t read the series can enjoy it, too, since it takes place before the series starts. You can find the links here on the home page https://amberfoxxmysteries.wordpress.com. I will update them as the book goes live in more stores. It’s also available on my Goodreads page, https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7554709.Amber_Foxx .



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