A New Look

callingebooknewshamanebooknewsnakeebooknewMy book covers have had a make-over, with new images focusing on the journeys in each story. At the beginning of The Calling, Mae’s mother has moved her from Appalachian North Carolina to the flat, rural northeastern part of the state, an event that triggers all of Mae’s other journeys, including the discovery of her psychic gift. In Shaman’s Blues, she moves to New Mexico, a exploring a new life and meeting some challenging new people. In Snake Face, Mae travels to North Carolina for the holidays at the same time her friend musician Jamie Ellerbee is on his first tour, running into bad luck and bad weather. The intersection of their travels is central to the tale. I think of the road imagery as relating to a path or direction at a symbolic level as well as a literal part of the stories.

I didn’t change The Outlaw Women cover. The image of ten-year-old Mae in her grandmother’s garden, reaching out with that ripe tomato, was too good to let go. I think of it as an invitation to meet her and get a taste of the series.


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Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

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