Reading it Forward with my Team

Writing may seem like a solitary occupation, and it does involve long hours alone, but like most work done well, it also involves a team. In the past week I’ve finished the second draft of the fifth Mae Martin book and sent it to critique partners. I’ve also critiqued two short stories by fellow writers and am one-third of the way through another’s full-length work in progress. None of us could do it without each other.

I have two writing support networks. For some reason, in each trio I have one British partner and one Australian. My “mystical mystery sisters” Virginia King and Marion Eaton share similar readers, people who like mysteries that go off the beaten track and have an element of non-religious spirituality, so we share not only writing ideas but marketing. My other writing trio includes two authors of humorous mysteries, J.L. Simpson and Jordaina Sydney Robinson. They both have a knack for tight plotting as well as comic timing and can tell me when I’m going off track. I can’t imagine producing a book without them.

It doesn’t feel like work to take the time to read and critique their books. I’m honored to be part of these authors’ teams and would like to introduce them to my blog readers who may not already know their work. Virginia King did a guest post on this blog, and Marion Eaton joined me for an interview.

Their web sites are:

Marion Eaton

Virginia King

J.L. Simpson is part of the group blog Ladies of Mystery with me.

Learn about her Daisy Dunlop series here

Jordaina Sydney Robinson’s first book, Beyond Dead, will come out soon, and I’ll be one of the first to spread the word. I mentioned it midway in this blog post a while back:

(Note: the giveaway in the link at the end is long over.)

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4 thoughts on “Reading it Forward with my Team”

  1. Shortly after I posted this, I felt like an idiot for leaving off mention of my editor, Nancy Adams. We started out as critique partners, and her comments on a very early draft of what became The Calling educated me greatly in the art and craft of writing. She has edited all my books and short fiction, and we still swap critiques now and then. I credit her with inspiring me as a blogger and teaching me by example how to do an author interview. Her wonderful blog Saints and Trees is on hiatus, but I recommend its archives. The home page gives you links to her published fiction as well.


  2. This is a lovely and meaningful tribute to cooperative help in the endeavor of creativity. You are such a kind person, Amber, and I have attempted to read some of your recommendations by other authors, too. I have not had any luck. I am so thrilled for you in your amazing talent, and I am enjoying the first novel in this soon-to-be five, series.


  3. Not had luck with my recommendations? Does that mean we don’t enjoy the same books, or that you shop in brick-and-mortar bookstores that don’t carry their work, or something else? I know you’re not an e-book reader.


    1. I had wanted very much to read the JL Simpson Selkie Moon mysteries ( they sound great) but I missed two Giveaways. They are difficult to locate at Barnes and Noble, and tres expensive 🙂 !
      I have so many books at home ( and I hope to move soon); it takes me a long time to read a book because I read more than one at a time, and I also take time to savor EACH word ( unless I don’t care for the book).


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