What readers have said about the Mae Martin Series

The series

Great books that are impossible to classify … Mae, the series character, is a psychic, but the books will appeal even to readers who aren’t big fans of the paranormal in fiction. Mae is a very real, very grounded character, and her journey makes for compelling page-turners that will keep you surprised. Be sure to start with the very first book in the series, The Calling. For more information, see my interviews with Amber here and here.

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The Outlaw Women

What would you do if you knew you were about to die? Who would you tell, how and why? Those questions are answered here in this story about a family who has the “Sight” gift. This is an introductory story of series revolving around the main characters introduced here. If you like psychic stories then you’ll enjoy this one.  Amazon review

… After reading the Prequel, I immediately went to Amazon and bought the two books in the Mae Martin series.   I liked Amber Foxx’s writing style; it was very easy to get caught up in this story from the very beginning. When we are first introduced to Mae Martin and her parents, Mae is just 10 years old, and she is unaware of the gift of “Sight” her grandmother has and which has been passed along to her. There is a teaser involving Mae’s father as well as the tense relationship between her parents that made me want to find out more about the family and where they go after their last visit with Mae’s grandmother. My thanks to Amber Foxx for giving readers this preview of Mae’s story. It looks like a promising beginning to an interesting series.  Goodreads review

 The Calling

… The most compelling theme of the book has to do with discovering and embracing your personal gifts. There are poignant moments where the characters have to face letting go in order to move forward, losing something special at the same time that they are gaining.  Amazon review

Well-researched and easy to read, this is a fascinating account of a young woman finding her own identity. While coming to terms with her inherited psychic and healing gifts, she experiences danger and fear on many levels, not least the fear of ostracisation for being ‘different’. The characterisation is good and the plot gathers pace very satisfactorily. After this intriguing introduction to Mae Martin, I look forward to reading the next books in the series.  Goodreads review

This is an excellent novel … I don’t usually read paranormal novels …but this is not typical of that genre, I think. It’s a “psychic coming out” novel about an intelligent, though not particularly school-educated, young woman in rural North Carolina who reaches a point in her life where she refuses any longer to hide or deny what she is, and what she can do with her psychic abilities. She was oppressed and closed-off; she breaks through; and a lot of her life blows up as a result. It’s a thoughtful and well-developed realistic novel about a woman’s life, which happens to include psychic phenomena. But it’s also a novel about how Mae’s personal relationships develop and change. And I think that is its strongest aspect. The characterizations and inter-relations of the characters are wonderful; well-wrought and realistic. .. Once I loaded it on my e-reader and went to book-mark where I had stopped reading the preview, I couldn’t stop reading again. I just kept going on, and the hours passed. .. There’s a lot of material for further development. I’m waiting to see where it goes from here. My advice du jour: skip your coffee and scone today. Buy this book instead. Goodreads review

… The book finds its true voice as a story about relationships, the struggles of people with love, power, prejudice, and each other. The psychic superstructure falls away, or rather is transformed into the plight of a person with a creative talent which no one understands and everyone wants to destroy. The book can be read in several genres. As a thriller — we hurry toward the end in expectation of the obligatory life and death confrontation between Mae, the heroine, and the sinister Charlie. We get it, but strangely muted. As a soap opera — we linger, enjoying the proliferation of new characters and their troubles and the intricate relationships which it becomes increasingly hard to believe the author will be able to sort out. As a detective story — of sorts, with Mae as the detective, a criminal, various possible victims of uncertain crimes, plenty of bystanders to confuse matters, and the required quest for truth and retribution. As a romance, a bildungsroman, an ordinary literary novel about people’s troubles with life. Don’t try to choose. It’s all of them. Goodreads review

The Calling is a wonderful literary novel of a woman’s journey to come to terms with her inherited history. I commend Ms. Foxx for writing this novel. Her subject of a woman being a sensitive, intuitive or having “the calling” is written in honest terms. Mae Martin, the protagonist, worries for her family’s acceptance and society’s approval, and triumphs in her acknowledgement that she herself is different. I enjoyed Amber Foxx’s honesty in showing how Mae Martin struggled with this belief in herself. I appreciated showing how people who the protagonist opened up to manipulated and used her sensitivities in a way she herself morally struggled to avoid. There are books for pure enjoyment and there are books to be enjoyed and read for learning about ourselves, others, or to continue to evaluate the human experience. Amber Foxx’s ability to write is fully disclosed in this novel. Her ability to understand human nature is also fully revealed. I am excited to read more of her work. I am looking forward to buying and reading her other novel Shaman’s Blues. Goodreads review

…The setting and scenery is well described, with neither too much details nor any perceived gaps. Having visited that part of the country, I found it believable. The paranormal aspect of the story – Mae’s gift and her family history is also believable and not far-fetched. The author must have done a good amount of research into the paranormal aspects featured in this book, and portrayed them accurately. Whether it was the gift itself, or the Native American healers and their traditions, or the Eastern approaches described later on, none of it came across as unbelievable. Again, kudos for that. The introduction of real-world problems into the paranormal story was a refreshing and welcomed addition. Goodreads review

Shaman’s Blues

Painfully and wonderfully true to life. Great writing, fantastic story. I was both tired of the obnoxious friend and also wanted to be close to him. I felt that torn feeling in me that Mae felt. Excellent writing and pacing. I can’t wait until the next one. Mae rocks!!! Amazon review

I love the characters in this book! They are quirky and familiar at the same time. The “mysteries” in these books are more about the human spirit than the actual plot. I like the way Foxx weaves interesting scenarios and explores what someone might feel in that situation, how they might act. Very enjoyable series! Amazon review

It’s a smart story written with concise efficiency so be prepared to discover a fresh new reading experience. It’s an easy read, a constant page turner and worth every minute! I don’t want to give away too much of this story and ruin the pleasure of anyone planning on reading this story so…let me just say that you will not be disappointed by this book. This is the second book in the series so read the first one first. So “thank-you” Amber Foxx and please keep writing. Goodreads review

… I started reading this yesterday evening and gulped down half of it in one sitting … Ms Foxx has a pretty amazing way of sucking me into the emotional lives of her characters, and getting tears to well up rather frequently. The setting is mainly Santa Fe, and the author does a great job of evoking the … desert southwest. Her writing is clear, warm, literary, intelligent. She also has a fabulous way with descriptions of musical texture, something I always enjoy in a book when it’s well done … Shaman’s Blues is mostly a two-character book … and a lot of it concerns interpersonal relationships, especially the dance between Jamie and Mae. It’s kind of an emotional roller-coaster, too, because the characters each have a big bunch o’ baggage they’re lugging; but they’re also super huggable … This is a first-class, professional piece of prose. … The resolution to the “Muffie” mystery was wonderful. LOL.  Goodreads review

Snake Face

It’s a bit different from the previous books … more in-depth development of secondary characters, especially Jamie. The plot centers around him taking a road trip and performing in various cities. Someone has stolen his musical gear; and he’s being stalked. As usual, he’s falling apart at the seams, just like his little stuffed roo. And Mae is trying to help him. …The relationships … ring so true. People behave this way. Things can be complicated. And we don’t always avoid messes by pulling the ripcord when we should. …As I’ve come to expect with Ms. Foxx’s work: the writing is excellent … I want to keep reading about Mae and I hope there’s another volume in the works. Goodreads review

Amber Foxx is a winner! With each book her writing gets better and better. Goodreads review

Soul Loss

The genre of this book is interesting, as it is the first mystery I’ve read in ages that isn’t hailed as “the next Gone Girl”; as well, it is a rare mystery not revolving around some type of gruesome murder. The author’s writing is fluid and easy to follow. The dialogue is believable and flows well, and I enjoyed the way the author was able to create and describe specific powers for each character. As well, the character development in this book is exceptional. Goodreads review

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Foxx’s writing style, which is fluid and transparent. The characters are all well-drawn and compelling. Mae is really a dear; and oh my, what patience she has. Sometimes I want to slap Jamie and tell him to get his act together so he’ll deserve to be with her. Heh heh. I will say: he seems to be on the mend in many ways, but still has a long road ahead. I also quite enjoy the character of Gasser, who first appeared in the previous book. He’s not exactly the cat I’d choose to have around my own house, but he definitely has a distinctive personality… and in this book, his own little adventure. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the series. Goodreads review

I like how this book has layers of meaning – humor mixed with mystery mixed with an insightful depiction of what it is like to fight depression and choose to live despite fear and uncertainty. Amazon review


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