Posted in December 2013

“Are You Psychic?”

(This is revised and recycled from a previous post on my Facebook author page, for those who don’t read me on Facebook.) Am I psychic? Yes, but I can’t do what Mae can do. I have history of precognitive dreams, some that predicted major events such a relative’s death or illness, or a major change … Continue reading

Tribute to James D. Doss

My favorite author, James D. Doss, died last year. He influenced me as writer of what I call mystical mysteries, where the ordinary and the spiritual meet, though I do not attempt to write like Doss. No one else could. I’m about to read his final book, Old Gray Wolf. In the second to last … Continue reading

How I Write

I used to be an actor, dancer and choreographer, and loved improvisation. Writing is getting into character in all the roles and doing “improv”. I start with characters, and create situations that will challenge them. I’m what writers call a “pantser”, meaning I plot by the seat of my pants for the first draft. My … Continue reading

Settings in My Books

    Although Mae doesn’t love Northeastern North Carolina, I do. I love the flat swampy land, the little towns, the farm fields, the colorful and caring people I met when I lived there. It was interesting to write about it from the point of view of someone who struggles with the place. Cauwetska and … Continue reading