Posted in November 2015

Whole Series Sale

All e-book editions of the award-winning Mae Martin Psychic mystery series are on sale for $2.99. Marked down from $3.99. You could think of it as “buy three get one free.”  

Lucky Me!

I’m taking time to reflect on the good people and good fortune that enhance my creative life. I am grateful for: Having had parents who loved books and theater and a grandfather who was a poet. I was raised on Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes and taken to plays before I was in first grade. Language … Continue reading

Leaves in Mud, Leaves in Sky

Standing on a riverbank, I found myself absorbed in watching the motion of a low-growing tree branch that had been snagged by the current. Dead leaves in water, moving yet going nowhere drifting back and forth in the mud. The swaying was hypnotic. I broke the trance and looked up at the rest of the … Continue reading