Posted in December 2016

A New Mexico Mystery Review: Feliz Navidead

This third installment in the Santa Fe Café mystery series is tightly plotted, funny, and as full of local color and eccentric characters as the others. Ann Myers does a great job with the flow of the series—neither too much nor too little backstory. It’s a delicate balance that not all series authors have mastered. … Continue reading

Santa Claus Checks in at the Fat Buddha Spa

Last December, a reader suggested that I make this short story an annual tradition. It’s an interlude that takes place “offstage” during Snake Face. book three in the Mae Martin series, while Mae is in northeastern North Carolina over the holidays. Santa Claus Checks in at the Fat Buddha Spa              Mae Martin raced her twin stepdaughters to the pasture … Continue reading

“Yes, and …”

How often do we say, “Yes, but …?” Sometimes, it’s how we decline unwanted advice, but it’s also what we say when we’d like to do something but automatically think we can’t. I heard Bob Harris, travel writer, microfinance lending enthusiast and author of The International Bank of Bob, as a convocation speaker at my … Continue reading