Posted in March 2015

A New Look

My book covers have had a make-over, with new images focusing on the journeys in each story. At the beginning of The Calling, Mae’s mother has moved her from Appalachian North Carolina to the flat, rural northeastern part of the state, an event that triggers all of Mae’s other journeys, including the discovery of her … Continue reading

Interview with M.L. Eaton: The Mysterious Marsh

In my post a few weeks ago on the conventions in mystery, I mentioned a fascinating book that breaks many of them, When the Clocks Stopped by M.L. Eaton. This mystical mystery takes place in the village of Rype-on Marsh in the south of England. Lawyer Hazel Dawkins is anticipating some peaceful time off before … Continue reading

… flowers, grass, dancing …

I took a turn east while looking for something Irish to share for St. Patrick’s Day. Yeats took an interest in Eastern thought, and in Japanese Noh theater, writing poetic dramas based on Irish myths to be performed in a manner based on the formal, stylized simplicity of Noh. This poem struck me as a … Continue reading

Silence and Words

There’s so much noise in the world—from engines and various electronic hums to the TVs that play in waiting rooms and laundromats to the music and ads pouring out of speakers in every retail space and even at gas pumps.  Partway through working on this post, I went to the hardware store to get a … Continue reading