Posted in January 2014

On Yeats’s Psychic Wife

  I became enamored of the poems of WB Yeats when I was nineteen and still love to read them. I can recite some by heart (The Fascination of What’s Difficult, which I learned while I was working as a theater choreographer, includes the line “My curse on plays …”) A college boyfriend won me … Continue reading

Energy Healing: A Personal Story

  After I read Afterwards You’re a Genius I was curious about the work described there, and looked for a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school.  The healing was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. My mind stayed clear the whole time. I didn’t have to work to focus it. No drifting, worrying or fantasizing, no urge … Continue reading

Psychic Science

After I taught a stress management workshop as part of one of my college courses, a young man came up and asked me if I knew anything about being psychic. (He must have been psychic to think to ask me.) He had recently started having precognitive dreams and wanted to learn more. These are some resources … Continue reading

Breaking the Genre Barrier

I’ve claimed genres because Amazon and Goodreads and other web sites require it, but I am a genre-blender. I once described my genre as “platypus.” The platypus looks like a mammal, a bird, and a reptile, blended into one animal. I write with elements of general fiction, mystery, romance, suspense and paranormal, but I don’t … Continue reading