Posted in May 2015

A New Mexico Mystery Review: A Palette for Murder

Vanessa A. Ryan picked the perfect background for a murder mystery in Santa Fe: rich people, not-so rich artists, and crime and corruption in the city’s art world. First, some relevant local data: In the Santa Fe Reporter’s 2013-14 Annual Manual, the city’s population was given as 68,642 residents. The more recent Manual didn’t give … Continue reading


“Happiness equals reality minus expectations.” Tom Magliozzi, Car Talk “I am most happy and content when I cease trying to be happy and content.” Chuang Tzu I’ve been busier lately than I like to be. My preference is for open space, both literally and metaphorically. I don’t mean that I like to be lazy, but … Continue reading

A New Mexico Mystery Review: Rock with Wings

The opening scene of Anne Hillerman’s new mystery hooked me immediately. When Officer Bernie Manuelito stops a driver for speeding, the man’s peculiar behavior, and the rifle and two boxes of dirt in his trunk, set up the first pieces in a complex puzzle.  Two related mysteries seem separate at first, linked only by the … Continue reading