Posted in August 2017

“Book Prison”

Greetings from my cell. No worries, I like it here, and I do get out for exercise, social contact, and to teach yoga. The view of Turtleback Mountain from my back window is beautiful, and the cell is quiet. It’s my apartment. “Book prison” is a phrase I’ve heard other authors use, but I’ve never experienced … Continue reading

Untold Stories

Certain people print their images on my mind like photographs, unforgettable: Three orange-robed Buddhist monks in Albuquerque painting the iron fence of their compound bright turquoise-blue. One was wearing a cowboy hat. A green-haired teenaged girl in shredded black tights and dramatic make-up playing heavy metal electric guitar for tips outside an art gallery in … Continue reading

Observations on being a full-time writer

It doesn’t feel like a job. I’m writing while it’s still light out, not just after nine at night the way I did when I had a structured day job. I now live where my protagonist does. Result: Everything gives me ideas. The town changes faster than my fictitious version of it can, but the … Continue reading