Posted in June 2014

Audiobook Binge

Thirteen hours each way from Virginia to Maine and back. Thirteen hours from Virginia to Little Rock, thirteen more to Santa Fe. Phew. I’m back in New Mexico! Trip one: I listened to Karin Slaughter’s Criminal, and Mary Higgins Clark’s I’ll Walk Alone. The first is tight and tense, featuring one of the most disturbed … Continue reading

A Strange Beauty

New Mexico Magazine has recently been featuring items from its archives on its back pages. This poem from the June 1953 issue was resurrected in the June 2014 issue. There are lines in this poem that ring so true I wish I’d written them and others that sound forced or stilted to me. I’m sharing … Continue reading

A Free Mae Martin Short Story

  Writers know more about their characters than they can ever put in one book. In order to understand them we create their childhoods and the places they grew up, like an actor preparing for a role. I was looking for a short story idea and my critique group partners both independently suggested I write … Continue reading

A Comic Digression

  This satirical doggerel was originally posted in a discussion on Goodreads. I received a request to post it where it was easier to link to it, so here it is:   The Author’s Patter Song   (With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan)   I am the very model of a modern indie authoress. My … Continue reading

Crystals and Waterfalls

I just returned from a visit with friends in Asheville North Carolina, the spiritual twin of Santa Fe, the wet green version of the City Different. Like Santa Fe, Asheville is set in mountains, and has more eccentrics and creative people per square foot than other cities its size. I loved it.   As well … Continue reading