Putting the Mysterious in Mystery

I write paranormal mysteries grounded in the normal world. The questions are not so much ” who dunnit” as who are we, beneath our masks, manipulations, self-deceits, best intentions, and outright lies? People are a mystery. The nature of reality is mystery. Love is mystery, how it comes and how it changes, how it sometimes ends. I write the stories I would like to read: psycho-spiritual mysteries, driven by complex layers of character. Murder is not the only way to destroy a person. Crimes are not the only secrets.

One of my spiritual teachers, a Native medicine woman, once told me that the world is fifty percent physical and fifty percent spiritual. She said that many of our problems come from being out of balance with the spirit world. In my books, the spirit world is real. Spiritual energy and power are real. There are people who have it,  and people who fake it. There are those who use it well,  those who misuse it, and those who are afraid of it.

To explore this kind of mystery, I created a protagonist who is down to earth yet  gifted as an intuitive healer and psychic, with a talent for finding lost animals and missing persons.

I hope you’re curious to know more. Stay tuned.

Published by

Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

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