Virtual Tour of Santa Fe: On location in Shaman’s Blues, Part One


This week, take a look at some of the art my characters see in the book.


  1. Manitou Galleries, works in glass inspired by Native traditional art. First stop on the gallery tour in the book.
  2. Next stop is the Worrell Gallery, which was still the Frank Howell Gallery in the year I set Shaman’s Blues. Bill Worrell’s mystical sculptures, paintings and poetry shared space with Frank Howell’s reverent portraits of Native elders. There had always been a Worrell deer shaman or two outside as well as a few of them inside. They have titles. I call them deer shamans. The scene in Shaman’s Blues where Mae and Jamie start to have a serious discussion of shamanism and a tourist says something funny takes place here.
  3. The Howell Gallery has moved to Canyon Road. This link to Howell’s posters shows some of the images I have Mae looking at earlier in that scene.
  4. Blue Rain Gallery, glass, pottery and paintings. The blue glass bird sculpture that provokes a significant revelation is set here.

  1. The whirling sculptures at the Mark White Gallery.
  2. This next location is the store where Mae finds the corn mother fetish.


Enjoy. Don’t you wish you were there? Next week, more!

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Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

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