Leaves in Mud, Leaves in Sky


Standing on a riverbank, I found myself absorbed in watching the motion of a low-growing tree branch that had been snagged by the current. Dead leaves in water, moving yet going nowhere drifting back and forth in the mud. The swaying was hypnotic. I broke the trance and looked up at the rest of the tree, vital and full of color in a bright blue sky. There was so much more.

It made me think of how much may lie beyond our ordinary perception, how much of reality we may miss. Not only the beauties we fail to notice, or the colors that bees can see and the sounds that dogs can hear, but the worlds that dreams walk through, the shamanic realms.

Published by

Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

3 thoughts on “Leaves in Mud, Leaves in Sky”

  1. Another beautiful analogy, Amber. I believe that perceptions below or above the surface have many ways of manifesting themselves to certain people. While some of us take this sense to be relatively normal, many die-hard pragmatists push this idea away, but I have discovered that one can willfully indulge in the third eye syndrome if one puts forth the idea and is open to reception; in addition, I have also discovered that in moments of great anxiety ( good or bad) the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems become extremely alert and areas of the brain seem to expand; intensity of emotions can sometimes make a person very conscious of events that may happen in another realm. Gosh, I hope I don’t sound as though I am babbling.


      1. When I was running an emergency hot line center, I had a call from a potential suicide and I let him ramble on ( many, many years ago). He told me that he was in a car with his mother and terribly anxious about things in his life and he thought suicide was the way to go, and suddenly in that moment of despair, he anticipated what could have been a deadly car accident and he told his mother to brake; she did and a car ahead went through the stop sign.
        Things like this have occurred in my own life which led me to think about the connection between mind and body and hormones.


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