While We Hold Still, Time Doesn’t

I came across this phrase years ago in my fitness work: While we hold still, time doesn’t. When we procrastinate exercising, we don’t maintain the status quo but get into worse shape. The same is true of the planet. While world leaders and national leaders put off serious action on climate change for too many years, the process didn’t pause and wait for them to get around to something. I want to believe that the new agreement forged in Paris will lead to action, finally. While conscious pausing can be positive—taking time to deliberate and then choose an action—inaction can lead to negative consequences as powerfully as any unwise action might.

I’ve been thinking about my own areas of procrastination. I don’t wrestle with the behaviors people typically make New Year’s resolutions about, such as eating right and staying fit. However, there are plenty of things I put off as if they will take care of themselves—tedious paperwork chores that are much less fun than running. Choosing between what feels good today that will lead to something bad tomorrow and something that calls for discipline and discomfort today that will lead to a greater good tomorrow seems to be the key issue in procrastination—along with the delusion that time holds still with us. Meanwhile, the forces of physics, the marketplace, biology and karma keep moving.

Published by

Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

3 thoughts on “While We Hold Still, Time Doesn’t”

  1. I think you score very high on the ’emotionally healthy’ chart. You have an ability to make the right decisions, know how to live in the moment and be mindfully conscious and grateful; I try to do those things, but my emphasis is on your areas of procrastination. I seem to put those less than enjoyable tasks in the foreground and work until they are out of the way, only to discover more around the bend.


      1. They are never enjoyable; it’s like Alice tumbling in chase of the rabbit: I scramble to get these pesky tasks out of the way to enjoy the other more important things in life, only to discover a batch of more ‘to do’s’ just on the other side of the looking glass.


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