Rain Salutations

I know I can’t make the sky rain. It’s like trying to make someone love you. When the right conditions have arrived, the change comes. Sometimes, however, I think it fails to rain when the world is out of balance, and that it takes dancing and meditation, yoga done as rain salutations, people showing compassion and affection and listening to each other with their hearts, to invite rain. Love and care for the earth will call rain. Earlier today, it rained in the alley behind my apartment for one minute. I went for a short walk at sunset, and a massive blue-black cloud was flashing lightning out toward Elephant Butte, revealing the rain as a sheer curtain in each orange flare. I did a little dance, spinning and then running backwards, asking the storm to follow me home. It did, but I don’t take credit.

When I was running in the desert around noon today, I encountered a mule deer. They often look you in the eye before they run. If they even run. We circled a juniper, checking each other out, making eye contact through the branches, then she turned her back to me, did two full springs straight up in the air with a graceful tuck of all four legs, and trotted off. If anything had the power to call the storm, she did. The deer did the rain dance.


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Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

3 thoughts on “Rain Salutations”

  1. You never know about those rain dances. About 10 or 11 years ago we had a very dry winter here and were getting desperate about April. A group decided to have a drumming in Ralph Edwards Park. I was quite skeptical – it was April, not a month known for rain here. But we drummed. And it poured. Almost too much at once. I have not voiced skepticism about rain dances since. Donna


    1. I’d heard about T or C community rain-calling events and I was beginning to think it was time for another one. I’m going to the corn dance at Cochiti tomorrow and they often succeed at drawing in at least a little rain.

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  2. I read this last week, and maybe I should do a sun dance for New Jersey and other regions; it hasn’t stopped raining, and places are falling into sink holes with flash floods, and it has been very humid, too. I believe if you have faith in something and really believe it will be granted, then your faith can work miracles.


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