Uncanny Quarry Scavenger Hunt Clues


As part of this week-long book-lovers’ scavenger hunt, it’s my turn to post some clues.

Author 3 in the Uncanny Quarry Round Robin today is Roxy De Winter. The answers to her questions can be found at http://roxydewinter.wix.com/author#!coming-soon-/eohv5

  1. How many years has Aenix lived for?
  2. Why was Paietra sentenced to hell?
  3. In Aenix’s time, what is the truest expression of love?
  4. In Aenix’s time, what has replaced natural death?
  5. What did Aenix decide she would do before her next semi-centennial rejuvenation?

Have fun hunting!

Published by

Amber Foxx

Author of Mae Martin psychic mystery series.

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