Uncanny Quarry Scavenger Hunt Clues


As part of this week-long book-lovers’ scavenger hunt, it’s my turn to post some clues.

Author 3 in the Uncanny Quarry Round Robin today is Roxy De Winter. The answers to her questions can be found at http://roxydewinter.wix.com/author#!coming-soon-/eohv5

  1. How many years has Aenix lived for?
  2. Why was Paietra sentenced to hell?
  3. In Aenix’s time, what is the truest expression of love?
  4. In Aenix’s time, what has replaced natural death?
  5. What did Aenix decide she would do before her next semi-centennial rejuvenation?

Have fun hunting!

Scavenger Hunt #uncannyquarry


I’m a late October Scorpio, so throughout my childhood I had Halloween-themed birthday parties. This suited me; I’ve always been a fan of scary stories and been intrigued by mysterious, inexplicable events. When I was around ten or eleven, my father set up a scavenger hunt in a friend’s orchard for the party. It was spooky and cold at twilight, and the old trees against the sky had that horror-movie look. Ever since then I’ve had a fondness for scavenger hunts.

The scavenger hunt Uncanny Quarry is for people who like to read paranormal fiction. Over thirty authors are participating, and their books cover the full range of paranormal genres from mystery to romance to fantasy. The grand prize is pretty grand, and second and third place are nice, too. One of my favorite authors, Virginia King*, is participating, as well as many who are new to me.

Curious? Ready to discover new authors?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/1616239271959563 to learn more and to join the event. Clues will be posted on the Facebook page and also on some of the authors’ web sites. Put on your puzzle-solving hat starting Sunday the 18th and keep it on through the 25th—by sheer coincidence that’s my Halloween-ish birthday—and follow the clues to win books.

Another note in keeping with the season: My new short fiction release, Bearing, comes out later this month. It’s a stand-alone story that I like to describe as subtle horror.

Happy scavenger hunting.

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