Energy Healing: A Personal Story


After I read Afterwards You’re a Genius I was curious about the work described there, and looked for a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school.  The healing was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. My mind stayed clear the whole time. I didn’t have to work to focus it. No drifting, worrying or fantasizing, no urge to sleep. I had complex visual imagery along the lines of what I later read in descriptions of the early stages of an ayahuasca journey—geometric lines and vivid colors. It was all abstract, but vivid and intense. I’m not an artist, and the visual creativity amazed me. The other strange thing was the flood of laughter. The healer touched my left arm or hand, I can’t remember, and tapped some deep well of humor.  My earliest memory is laughter. It was like finding my true self. She who laughs. The next day I had no more tolerance for the man in my life. He was long overdue for the break-up, and I did it. I told him exactly what I thought and felt, and confronted all his lies. At first I was swamped with the anger I hadn’t let myself feel, and then dancing with the utter joy of being free of him. I felt that the energy healing freed me from an unhealthy niceness. The healer said she saw suitcases around me. I wasn’t living with him to move out, but I did end up moving across the country a few months later.